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Camping Checklist

We've been there...

New camper brand and model research, dealership research, and family decisions that all came down to YES!! We're getting an RV. It's obviously very exciting to figure out where to camp first. In North Carolina we have the ability to go to the mountains or the coast, the best of both worlds for sure.

Our first trip was to the beach. It was a no-brainer, it was July and we hadn't been to the beach in over a year. Once our campground was figured out, then came the planning. What will we need to stock the RV to make it a true home away from home. There are so many items and personal touches that a list could go on and on, but instead I decided to make one that was a good starting point and one that could be forwarded to anyone just starting out.

I hope this checklist provides a good starting point for anyone else in the same situation that we were in.

Happy Camping!!

RV Checklist
PDF • 90KB

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