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Crossroads Coach RV Park/Lake City, SC

Our first out of state rv trip started out with Dan forgetting his wallet and us finding out when we were already on I95 heading south towards South Carolina, insert eye roll here :)

I'm not a fan of 95, the fast drivers and the construction make it an aggravating ride. It wasn't a bad trip overall, but I was ready to get to our campground. We tried out a new rv park located in Lake City, SC called Crossroads Coach Resort.

This gated park has laundry facilities, a bathhouse, a dog park and is within walking distance to restaurants, boutiques and museums. It even offers EV (electrical vehicle) charging facilities.

The park is absolutely beautiful. Check out this aerial view.

We were lucky and rate locked into a spot online that didn't have anyone else beside us. This was perfect for us to set up our cornhole boards for hours of fun.

We went out to breakfast the next morning on Main Street to a place called Baker's Sweets Bistro & Bakery. It was amazing. The food and service was fantastic. After breakfast, we enjoyed some shopping.

The weather was perfect for sitting outside, enjoying some drinks and playing with the drone. We found this rv park to be extremely quiet, perfect for book reading and family time.

We were there for Halloween and Main St was having a party, so of course we dressed up and took some pics.

If you're looking for a lot of amenities, or kid friendly activities this might not be the place for you. There is a new playground that opened down the street, but I know many of you have kids that range in age, so unless they are into shopping or museums then bring plenty of boardgames and cornhole :)

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