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Harvest Hosts

Updated: Mar 26

Raise your hand if you've heard of Harvest Hosts.

I'm on Instagram and the amount of ads I've seen for HH has been abundant to say the least. This is probably content focused, and if you're a member of the camping community then you are seeing the same ads. Harvest Hosts is a membership that allows you to dry camp "boondock" on 2,000+ wineries, breweries, farms and other landmarks all across the country. Requirements for joining the program are:

  • You must have a self-contained RV with a toilet, water tank and inside cooking facilities

  • No tents of any kind are allowed

Once you sign up for the membership, you can call ahead to reserve your spot at your desired location and that's all. Keep in mind that most places only allow two to three RV's at one time so some places could take a while to get into.

For our first boondocking experience, we decided to say local and chose Hinnant Family Vineyards located off I95 in Johnston County. They offer wine tastings and food trucks. Inside they have a small store and wine bar complete with wine slushies. They offer small tables and chairs all around the building, and out on their back deck is a large covered space with additional seating. I went with the wine flight and Dan decided to have beer, but later walked over for a wine slushy. That's the beauty of staying right on the property, you can drink then walk back to your rv. Harvest Hosts does recommend that you purchase something from the host site you are staying at since it's free accommodations for the night. I feel that Hinnant Vineyards had something for everyone. If you don't care for wine or beer, they had plenty of items in their gift shop.

Can you see me? We decided to bring our drone and get the full effect of just how big this winery is. It extends onto the other side as well as the back, honestly it's huge!!

Of course we brought our little Buddy with us. Pets are allowed at most locations.

He enjoyed the winery (and barking at everyone) as much as we did. The weather was beautiful and we can't wait to do it again.

One thing to note is once you purchase the membership, you then have access to all of the locations and the contact info for each host. You also have the ability to add golf onto your membership for an extra fee. This would be a great gift for an avid golfer who also likes to rv.

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