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Mayberry/Mt. Airy

We booked our Mayberry/Mt. Airy trip over the phone while on vacation at the beach. I've always wanted to visit Mayberry and the surrounding town ever since I heard it was the birthplace of Andy Griffith. The drive on I40 was easy, the temps were cool for August in the 70's due to the amount of rain we've had.

We were placed in site 11 (pull-through) on the hill which gave us great views of the entire campground. The rain held off while we set up, but remained cloudy for our entire stay. Our site was roomy and included a fire ring. I would say the best spots on the hill were spots 3 or 4. Dan and Dom always do the exterior set up while Bella and I do the interior.

Side note: I'll do a post on the interior soon that includes food, packing and unpacking, set up and decor ideas and tips.

All set up and ready to relax on vacay!!

The park is clean and large. I know there have been complaints that there aren't any trees, and I could see that being a problem if there was direct sunlight on a very hot day.

A nice feature at this campground is they have an rv store (Bill Plemmons) right on the property. We really needed a larger rug for the outside camp area, and they had exactly what we needed. Due to all the rain, we weren't able to put it out on this trip. We just used our smaller rug. There is also a small gift shop inside the office with t-shirts, mugs and a few snacks.

We had full hookups, wifi and the cable lineup was pretty good. The property is well-kept and had two separate playgrounds for kids, a chiminea and a lake that you could bring a blanket or chairs to sit by. The campground is pet friendly and quiet.

The town of Mayberry is super cute. We were lucky the rain stayed away most of the day, and only rained in the late afternoon/evenings. There's a ton of gift shops, candy shops, historic buildings and the iconic Mayberry sites all within walking distance. There's a hop on/off trolley but we decided to park and walk.

The campground is close to the town of Mt. Airy so we were able to visit then head back to the rv for lunch and dinner.

There are a good amount of wineries in the area, so of course we had to visit one. We chose Round Peak Winery which was about 20 minutes from the campground. They offered wine and beer flights. The views of the winery were beautiful. The wine was really good, I went with the dry flight and ended up taking a bottle home.

It did start to pour as soon as we sat down, but the outside porch area provided enough roof that we didn't have to worry about getting wet.

There are a good amount of fast food and sit down restaurants very local to the campgrounds. The ease of the campgrounds being close, but not too close to the highway was perfect. We didn't hear any road noise at all. Since there was so much rain, we stayed indoors for a good portion of the trip in the late afternoons/evenings playing Uno and Skipbo. We had a good amount of cable tv channels to keep us all occupied also.

I recommend staying in Mayberry in either Spring or Fall if you're concerned about the direct heat. The staff is very nice and accommodating. It's a wonderful place for families of all ages for sure.

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